Wearable Authentication

PassWear enhances mobile app security by simply taking a photo of your watch. It uses strong crypto and a wearable smartwatch to replace passwords or add a second security factor.

PassWear for Good V1.2 is out
PassWear invited to showcase at Innovate 2015
Mobbu selected to showcase PassWear at DSEI
PassWear for Good V1.1 is out
Mobile Smartwatch


It's easy! Simply take a photo of the code on the smartwatch and in seconds you're authenticated. No typing required.

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Strong Mobile Security


It's government-grade security: The combination of Bluetooth and the optical code is stronger than single channel (Bluetooth smart card reader or keyfob) solutions.

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Multifactor mobile to smartwatch wearable two-factor authentication.


PassWear can be used to replace passwords or as an additional authentication factor alongside passwords and biometrics.

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Motorola 360 wearable smartwatch multi-factor authentication using QR code
Pebble smartwatch completing wearable two factor authentication with mobile smartphone.
Apple watch locked with PassWear multi factor authentication.

PassWear for Good

When PassWear for Good is present, authentication and login to Good Dynamics enabled applications is as easy as taking a photo! Users complete a simple 3-step enrolment process to get PassWear for Good provisioned on the wearable and mobile device.

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